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About the Ram'hal

In his short life the Ramhal has left us a tremendous legacy of works in all  aspects of the Torah. From 'Messilat Yesharim" - The path of the just, to profound works on the secrets of the Kabbalah. For almost all of his life, he was persecuted by some rabbinical authorities of the time who mistakenly believed he was an impostor.

Like many great geniuses, Ramhal was recognized as such only after his death. The Gaon of Vilna declared that if Ramhal was still alive, he would have traveled to Italy on foot to learn from his wisdom. About Messilat Yesharim, he said:

“This book is witness to the greatness of its author, and his extraordinary vision of the human potential for elevation…”

The Maggid of Mezritch said:

“His generation did not merit this great man…. Many among our people, through lack of knowledge, have uttered on this saintly man calumny that was not justified.”